with all the trimmings

Take a patches, trolley coins, flags, lighter, necktie, mobile phone cases, leather products, umbrellas, make-up sticks and bags so you are equipped. In addition you can equip your buddy, with a dog collar, leash , funky bandana and all the trimmings . The products patches, trolley coins, lighters, cell phone cases and bags are designed and produced by RegenbogenManufaktur. These products are only available from RegenbogenManufaktur .

We are constantly developing new rainbow motifs. You did not found the sticker, what you are looking for? Send us a messages and we can be creative together. If you have questions and / or suggestions - please contact us. Have fun and enjoy browsing! See an overview of the advantages of our stickers

These products are all the intellectual property of Tanja Günther. The RegenbogenManufaktur is subject to legal protection and may not be copied.